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                    Laptop Repair Request

Please read and complete the form below.  Press the "Continue" button to submit your Laptop Repair Request and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address supplied.
Click here for current laptop/notebook repair rates


                                               PLEASE READ

This request form is to initiate a repair request in which you will be mailing your laptop in for repair. If you are not intending to mail your laptop in or have a repair question, please click here or contact us @ 1-800-204-8129. Click here to request on-site laptop/notebook repair

  If you have an International unit, please inform us.  Parts availability is limited for International units and therefore may not be repairable.



Contact Information

Please provide your contact information.  A technician will use the information provided to contact you and an account will be created for you if you are not an existing customer. 


First Name:                                                              

Last Name:                                       

Street Address:                                 

City, State, Zip Code:                               

Email Address:                               

Retype Email Address:                     

Phone Number:             Extension:

Preferred Contact Method:   Email      Phone Number

Laptop Information

Laptop Brand: 

Laptop Model:

Laptop Serial Number:                    
Needed for warranty work

We must be able to start up your laptop and get to the desktop to properly diagnose your laptop.  Please list any System or Windows passwords otherwise a delay in your repair will occur.

Problem Description

Please provide a detailed problem description.  Error numbers and Error descriptions are extremely helpful in determining the problem.  If possible, please include detailed step by step instructions to replicate the problem.  When sending in the laptop, screen shots of errors and problems are extremely helpful also.


Laptop Warranty Status

Please indicate if the laptop is in-warranty or out-of-warranty with the manufacturer.
     In warranty                               Out of Warranty

Additional items Shipped with your laptop

You must ship your AC Adapter with your laptop.  It is also helpful to include an additional battery if you have one.  Please select any other items being shipped with your laptop.

      AC Adapter and Power Cord                    Battery
                                                                        External CD-ROM / DVD Drive
      External Floppy Drive                                   
                                                                        Carrying Case
      External Hard Drive                                      

      Software/Restore CD

Additional items not listed above

Payment Information

You will only be charged at the completion of the repair.  All credit card payment information will be transmitted over a secure connection. Company and personal checks are also accepted.


Please check each statement below confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth for any repairs performed by Korrect Technology, Inc (KTI).

     I understand KTI is not responsible for any software or data lost on my hard
          drive.  I am responsible for backing up the data on the hard drive prior to
          shipping the unit to KTI for repair.

    I understand KTI is not responsible for any damage caused to my laptop
          during shipping to and from our location.  I understand that KTI will insure
          my laptop for $999.00 during return shipment and if additional insurance is
          required, I must provide an additional coverage amount and an estimate will
          be provided to you.

    I understand KTI charges a $7.50 Handling Fee to all orders and that I am
          responsible for shipping charges to and from KTI.  We are more than happy
          to utilize your FedEx and UPS accounts for shipping, however the $7.50
          Handling Fee is still applicable and will be applied to your invoice total.

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