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Higher Education I.T. Services  (Click Here To Submit Your RFP)
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KTI supports the following Higher Education applications: 

Banner - Finance, Alumni, Student, Financial Aid, and Human Resources Applications...learn more
Campus Pipeline (Web Platform) - Student, Human Resources, and Alumni Applications...learn more
Microsoft Dynamics GP formally Great Plains -
Finance, and Human Resources Applications...learn more
PowerCampus -
Alumni, and Student Applications...learn more
PowerCampus IQ Web - Student Applications...learn more
Financial Aid Applications...learn more
Blackbaud Raisers Edge -
Alumni Applications...learn more

We understand that your current budget may not allow you to invest in a total system integration product such as SCT Banner. Thatís why KTI provides specialized support for a number of cost effective and affordable I.T. software applications that work. Our technology solutions are designed to yield an awesome ROI for small to midsize higher education institutions.

KTI is also an authorized reseller and service provider for most major computer, and office equipment manufacturers. We also have an in-house web development division. This allows us the ability to successfully manage all of your I.T. software application, web initiatives, and office equipment needs under one roof.

Please review some of our Higher Education I.T. Solutions below:

<Software and Services by Challenge
...learn more

<Accountability, Performance, and Outcomes
...learn more

<Constituent Services
...learn more

<Security, Privacy, and Protection of Personal Information
...learn more

<Institutional Competitiveness
...learn more

<Funding and Resource Allocation
...learn more

<Products and Services
...learn more

<Software and Support Services
...learn more

<Systems Implementation and Integration
...learn more

<Strategic Consulting
...learn more

<Technology Management...learn more

Software and Services by Challenge
At the heart of the Unified Digital Campus is a focus on helping institutions address the key challenges they face in the evolving climate of higher education.
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Accountability, Performance, and Outcomes
Colleges and universities realize improved performance and outcomes by drawing on the unique combination of higher education, technology, and management skill KTI offers. Through a unified approach to managing technology resources, data, and process management, KTI helps decision makers maximize the value of institutional information. Institutions use cross-organizational data access, reporting, performance management, and decision support tools to increase efficiency, support regulatory compliance requirements, and document and improve learning
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Constituent Services
The Unified Digital Campus helps institutions meet ever-increasing constituent expectations through personalization and self-service technologies designed specifically for higher education, to deliver anytime, anywhere service and access. KTI helps institutions build stronger, more meaningful interpersonal relationships with constituents of all types, while improving the quality of lifelong education experiences.
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Security, Privacy, and Protection of Personal Information
Information security and privacy are fast becoming issues of concern for all constituents. Our Unified Digital Campus solutions reflect our ongoing commitment to secure code development and to helping institutions protect personally identifiable information. We are working with clients on initiatives to help further ensure digital campus security through identity and access management, enterprise architecture, and strategic security planning services. Our solutions also help institutions maintain compliance with security and privacy-related regulations such as SEVIS, FERPA, and HIPAA.
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Institutional Competitiveness

As institutions face growing competition from both traditional and non-traditional sectors, the Unified Digital Campus helps institutions differentiate themselves through the unique, high-quality, and personalized experiences they provide to constituents. KTI solutions position colleges and universities to compete more effectively for enrollment funding. Our solutions also enrich institutional capacity to measure performance, build competitive advantage, document outcomes, and continually improve the ability to compete.
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Funding and Resource Allocation

KTI offers solutions to enable institutions to manage resources, streamline processes, boost productivity, and broaden their reachóall in a cost-effective way. Through infrastructure and integration technologies that connect existing campus systems into a unified whole, the Unified Digital Campus also helps institutions extend the value of existing investments, while positioning institutions for future growth.
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Products and Services

To help colleges and universities each realize the full promise of their unique Unified Digital Campus, KTI offers an array of strategic services, systems integration, and technology management services that work together and with other systems of choice to achieve the digital campus outcomes that each customer seeks.
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Software and Support Services
KTI offers a broad selection of software solutions designed specifically for colleges and universities.
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Systems Implementation and Integration
Systems implementation and integration services from KTI help alleviate the complexity and pressures associated with implementing and upgrading systems. We can help your institution integrate information and applications from virtually any source, whether youíre early in the stages of planning and design, in the midst of implementing your digital campus, or looking for ways to maximize your investment.

Our skilled consultants specialize in implementing solutions and tying disparate systems together to provide a unified solution. They work tirelessly to provide the right combination of higher education expertise and technical know-how to make your implementation a success.
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Strategic Consulting

Knowing how to approach your institutionís objectives can be your most daunting task. KTIís strategic consultants offer unparalleled guidance in how to find the best way to reach your goals.

Our Strategic Consulting Services help you think differently about how to advance the levels of information and service that your institution provides to students, staff, and faculty. We help you take a holistic look at your institution's environment and then devise a plan to enable you to meet your strategic objectives.
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Technology Management
Our Higher Education technology management services help institutions better manage technology resources and align IT strategy with institutional goals. 

Using a combination of on-campus and remote delivery models, we help our customers improve institutional competitiveness while increasing the satisfaction of students, staff, and faculty. We identify the right approach for each customer based on their desired outcomes, and then assemble tailored services such as on-campus leadership and management, IT planning services, administrative technology services, academic technology services, help desk, and other remote technical services.
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Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education institutions by Systems and Computer Technology Corporation (SCT). Banner maintains student, alumni, financial and personnel data. It consists of six integrated systems.


The systems are highly integrated because they all share a common database. This common database is shared by everyone who uses Banner at the University, which makes it easy to maintain records on someone who applies to the University, becomes a student, graduates, and then becomes an alumnus.

Technically, data is not actually stored in Banner. Data is stored in a powerful database called ORACLE. It would be difficult for a non-technical user to directly add or retrieve data from the actual database. The Banner software acts as an interface to the ORACLE database, making the job of adding or retrieving data much easier. Banner provides the features and processing capabilities needed for student information (admissions, registration, etc.), alumni information (sponsor identification, campaign management, etc.), personnel information (employee benefits, salary/deduction history, etc.), financial aid information (needs analysis, packaging, etc.) and finance information (general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.).

Banner is made up of systems which in turn are made up modules, each of which handle a major function. For example, the Finance system modules include General Ledger, Stores Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, and Grants. The Human resource modules cover functions such as Payroll, Benefits, Applicant Tracking, Position Control, and COBRA. Modules for the Alumni system include Campaigns, and Gift and Pledge Processing. Some of the Student system includes Admissions, Scheduling, Registration, and Academic History.

Because of the common database, multiple departments use the information entered into Banner. Other departments share data, sometimes several years in the future. For example, a name change would be reflected in the Student, Financial Aid, Human Resource, and Alumni systems.

Though information on Banner is shared, many users are allowed only to look up (query) specific information. When you perform a query, you retrieve information from the database and display that information on the screen. Banner has a variety of tools that let you search by name and automatically retrieve associated information.

Banner also has sophisticated security measures to make sure that only authorized individuals have access to specific data.

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Campus Pipeline
Campus Pipeline is the Web platform of choice at over 175 institutions. It improves efficiency, builds community, and provides freedom of choice by integrating disparate systems and applications into a unified whole. Campus Pipeline provides an institution's constituents - students, faculty, administration, and alumni - with centralized Web access to information, services, and communities.

Campus Pipeline incorporates three critical elements needed to create and unify the digital campus:

Customized portals - a Web-based interface that provides continuous access to an institution's information and

Proven integration infrastructure - the underlying technology that unites disparate campus information systems into
    a common, standards-based platform available through single sign-on.

Enterprise applications - a suite of applications native to Campus Pipeline, including email, calendar, automated
    course resources and targeted announcements.

Campus Pipeline helps institutions

1) Extend the campus experience and identify online

Distribute information to the right students at the right time
Simplify and extend communication beyond the classroom
Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
Build customizable, campus-wide portals
Optimize IT resources with enterprise-class integration tools
Preserve legacy systems while supporting future growth

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Microsoft Dynamics GP formally Great Plains
Gain full control of your organizationís financial management, reporting, and regulatory compliance

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Certified Partner solutions help you create and distribute relevant financial reports and analyze financial data. And because Microsoft Dynamics GP can integrate with current information technology (IT) systems, you can connect payroll, human resources, and financial systems. Sharing data enables you to enter information just once and then access it throughout the school districtís departments, or make it available to funding sources, educational authorities, and regulators outside of the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the ability to focus on delivering valuable educational services to students and communities because of the visibility and control of the financial management aspects of your organization it allows, including enabling you to:

1) Ease the pain of regulatory compliance and financial reporting
2) Master payroll and human resources challenges
3) Make student information more transparent
Perform interfund accounting with ease and accuracy
5) Save time and meet reporting requirements with control account management

Ensure best budget utilization with encumbrance management

Keep your focus on using budgets effectively, rather than on tracking expenses and worrying whether youíve exceeded limits. With Microsoft Dynamics GP encumbrance management features, educational organizations can proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time. Youíll be able to:

Instantly alert users if budget limits have been exceeded when purchase order line items are entered
Ensure funds are correctly allocated by reserving encumbrances when purchase orders are first entered
Modify controls by entering tolerance levels for a specified amount over the budget
Improve inquiry and reporting efficiencies through integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP purchase order
    processing functions

Track encumbrances on an annual, period, or year-to-date level, with assurance that budget status information is

Track and manage commitments

Track online purchase requisitions as commitments with Microsoft Dynamics GP requisition management functionality. Web-based capabilities give you the flexibility to tighten budget controls without halting purchase order processes, meaning you can:

1) Provide automatic alerts to users who generate and authorize online requisitions when those requisitions exceed
    budget tolerance levels

Reduce processing time between submission and approval of online requisitions that fall within tolerance levels

Administrate grants with excellent accountability

Microsoft Dynamics GP grant management functionality lets you track accurately the usage of grant funding and grant costs. And, it can help ensure compliance with specific guidelines and regulations, providing budget integrity for every dollar spent. Improved reporting systems result in more accurate data provided to auditors and can improve your ability to qualify for additional grant funding. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, youíll be able to:

1) Reduce manual entry and reconciliation processes with automatic tracking of expenditures to specific grants and

Receive automatic warnings when you exceed budgets or when transactions are allocated outside of grant

Streamline transaction entry and gain flexibility with multiple distribution paths for a single transaction
Assign multiple projects to a grant or multiple grants to a project
Accurately track costs for the entire life cycle of a grant with centralized, easily accessible information
Validate transactions against budgets on a period-by-period, grant-to-date, or grant life basis
Deliver up-to-date grant status information with variance reports that span multiple fiscal periods
Create standard or specialized reports that summarize information based on grant inception date or ending date

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With cost constraints spreading throughout the world of higher education, implementing quality administrative technology becomes essential in order to address the need for improved efficiency in the face of reduced funding and staffing.

PowerCAMPUS is specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller, more intimate schools. The tools and processes within the system help streamline routine tasks, allowing them to be performed in a fraction of the time. Coupled with increased self-service functionality for faculty, students and alumni, PowerCAMPUS improves overall customer service while reducing the demands on staff time. Rather than struggling with basic office processes, your staff can focus their attention on individual students and on maintaining that personal relationship so essential to your institution's atmosphere.

PowerCAMPUS helps you to effectively compete in today's marketplace.

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IQ.Web offers students, faculty, administrators, and other members of the institution's learning community secure, real-time access via the internet to the information they need in an easy-to-use format. Improved self-service through IQ.Web means that users no longer have to stand in lines to obtain basic information or perform tasks like registration.  By doing so, IQ.Web also frees administrators to focus on other tasks critical to institutional operations.

Other IQ.Web features include:

Web registration and payment

Online grade book and course manager
Online personal calendar and task lists
Online advising and Academic Plans
Alumni services and online giving

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Your financial aid office will help your institution keep pace with the potential impact of a changing economy with PowerFAIDS, the best-in-class PowerCAMPUS solution from the College Board. This Microsoft Windows based software can integrate with the various aid packages available from private organizations and the Department of Education, creating a single source of up-to-date information that staff members can use to assist both students and administrators. An PowerCAMPUS wizard-assisted interface enables users to manage the transfer of information to and from PowerFAIDS.

Additional features include:

Dynamic application tracking

Student communications management
Loan management
Automatic record creation and updates
Automatic creation of budgets

Integrations with the PowerCAMPUS suite:

Automated importing of student information into PowerFAIDS and PowerCAMPUS Academic Records

Seamless importing of anticipated and disbursed financial aid into PowerCAMPUS for studentís statements
Students have online access to real-time award information

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Blackbaud Raisers Edge
In todayís competitive fundraising climate, cultivating alumni support is critical in supporting an ever-increasing number of students and programs. Thatís why the smartest colleges and universities rely on Blackbaud solutions to help manage their online communities, fundraising and finances, and help them better target their marketing efforts.

Blackbaud solutions can help your college or university:

Engage alumni for a lifetime with an interactive online community that reflects alumni interests and your school
2) Grow alumni giving over time by offering giving options designed for their lifestyles, including online and recurring
3) Involve alumni, parents, and the community in successful annual and capital fundraising campaigns by managing all
    the details needed to maintain strong relationships
4) Conserve fundraising resources by targeting individuals most likely and able to give
5) Save time and money by accessing critical information and generating professional reports in a matter of minutes
    instead of days

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