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Shopping on-line is wonderful in most respects. We can search for what we need, look for the provider of the best price, pay with a credit card, have the product shipped to our door - all without leaving the comfort of our home or office! Furthermore, we can shop on-line and avoid all the terrible traffic jams, burning costly gasoline, and time involved in running to the mall, store, etc.  Often we finally get to the store - only to find out when we get there, that the store doesn't have what we want in stock!   It's a great opportunity, and the popularity of on-line shopping (via the e-commerce shopping cart) continues to expand.  On-line shopping cart transactions are also great for looking for specialty items or other products/services, that may be very difficult to find, or unavailable for purchase at stores or providers within the local area in which we live.  For these and other reasons, on-line shopping has grown dramatically, increasing over 50% in 2001.
So what's the catch? 
Some people are (justifiably) concerned that entering credit card information into a computer transaction can be risky.
  Will they receive the products purchased?  Can they be assured that their credit card information will not be stolen somehow by a "cyber thief?"  Statistically one in fifty on-line purchases has a problem.  So what should you do to protect yourself from the "e-cons" ?   First of all, make sure when  you order on-line that the e-commerce shopping cart is secure (provides secure transaction processing).  With secure transaction processing, you enter your credit card information, and the credit card info is "encrypted" or scrambled as it is sent over the internet.  On the "other end" of the transaction, the encrypted information is un-coded so that it can be read and processed by the vendor's e-commerce shopping cart.  If the shopping cart is not "secure," then the information is not encrypted or scrambled, and your credit card transaction info can be "hacked into" by a cyber thief.  Cybercrime is growing by leaps and bounds, so it's foolish to take the risk of buying on a shopping cart that is not secure.  It's surprising how many e-commerce shopping carts are taking your credit card info and are not "secure."

Don't miss out on this growing and magnificent marketing tool.  Korrect Technology can add a secured shopping cart to your website today.  Call us now...and let's get started.





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