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Website Translation  (I need a website...What steps do I need to take?)

Website translation
is one of the most cost effective methods of expanding your markets rapidly. One of the biggest challenges this creates is getting your site truly globalized or globalised depending on where you are.

  • 1) Over 100 million people access the Internet in a language other than English
  • 2) Over 50% of Web Users speak a native language other than English
  • 3) Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates
        in the customer's language
  • 4) Visitors stay for twice as long (Site stickiness is doubled)

Many companies and organizations already realize the immense benefits of translating their website. The problem is that many translation agencies are unable to deal with the variety of formats and the ongoing administration of changing content. This often leads to the developer employed by the organization having their time increasingly used for copying and pasting text so that it is in a format the agency can deal with.

Korrect Technology removes the painstaking need to copy and paste text to and from your site to allow translators to work on it. We are able to take source files such as HTML, XHTML, XML, Java and many more, protecting all of your coding through the translation cycle and returning in a fully working format.

Website translation will be carried out by qualified translators in your given field who will have experience of marketing to ensure that all of your key messages are not lost in the process.






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